RDC Braille blog 4th Stimulus Check Is Not True VERIFY: 4th Stimulus check is not true

4th Stimulus Check Is Not True VERIFY: 4th Stimulus check is not true

A viral social media post claims that people across the country are receiving a fourth round of government checks. However, there is no federal 4th Stimulus check pending, and the latest round of direct payments went out in March 2021.

Congress would have to pass a new law to authorize a fourth round of the payments, and that hasn’t happened yet. There’s also no plan to send recurring direct payments, which advocates were pushing for in January 2021.

The federal government has already issued three rounds of direct payments, which were formally called Economic Impact Payments. These included $1,200 under the CARES Act in March 2020, $600 under the pandemic relief measure passed in December, and then $1,400 under the American Rescue Plan in March 2021.

The Quest for a 4th Stimulus Check: What You Need to Know

At the state and local level, a variety of states and cities have taken up the challenge of funding their own COVID-19 relief efforts to help struggling residents. But because federal guidelines prevent them from distributing funds evenly to all eligible residents, it’s unlikely that a fourth round of stimulus checks will go out nationwide.

In the meantime, people hoping to receive a fourth round of payments should contact their local officials and see what’s available. Kentucky, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania all have bills working their way through their state houses that could eventually give citizens more cash assistance. In addition, some states have been giving out bonuses to teachers and other frontline workers who may not qualify for any of the federal aid.

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