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Innovative Digital Marketing Italy


NewTopia is a unique opportunity for businesses due to its diverse population. This makes it important for companies to create a unique digital strategy that resonates with their audience’s interests. With the rise of technology, businesses need to utilize e-commerce platforms and other digital marketing channels to reach their target audience.

As a leading global tech company, Vodafone Italy was looking for a way to improve its overall data management process and gain greater insight into its campaign performance. Using Adverity, Vodafone Italy was able to consolidate their data across multiple systems and automate the reporting process. This saved them half a day each week and allowed them to interpret results more quickly.

Beyond Tradition: Exploring Innovative Approaches to Digital Marketing in Italy

In the world of technology, many new companies are emerging that offer a variety of solutions for businesses. These startups have taken the industry by storm with their groundbreaking products and creative ideas. From productivity software to e-commerce platforms, these companies are changing the game for digital marketers in Italy.

Figmenta is a full-service digital agency that offers UX/UI design, analytics, system assessment, social media, advertising, and digital marketing services. The team at Figmenta is composed of highly skilled experts who are dedicated to helping their clients grow their business and establish a strong online presence. The company is based in Milan, Italy and was founded in 2021.

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