RDC Braille blog Intelligent Merchandising – Drive Profits, Improve Customer Service and Personalize Product Recommendations

Intelligent Merchandising – Drive Profits, Improve Customer Service and Personalize Product Recommendations

intelligent merchandising

Intelligent merchandising enables retailers to make better decisions and create a faster, more efficient online shopping experience. Learn how smarter merchandising can drive profits, improve customer service and personalize product recommendations to increase basket size and AOV.More info:retailexpress.com

Merchandising that is driven by real-time user insights, browsing behaviors and intent. AI-powered smart visual merchandising delivers a more personalized experience, helping you capture shoppers’ attention and convert them into customers.

Automate and optimize pricing to boost full price sell-through. AI-powered smart pricing takes competitive, market and internal data into account, adjusting prices according to demand or inventory levels. This reduces markdowns and maximizes profit gains and margin protection.

Beyond the Shelf: Transforming Retail with Intelligent Merchandising Strategies

AI-powered smart product merchandising makes it easy for marketers to offer infinite product permutations to each shopper, based on their interests and preferences. This results in a more personalized shopper experience, leading to higher conversion rates and greater basket size.

Smart merchandising also reduces manual work for teams by taking the guesswork out of planning and forecasting, enabling brands to be more agile in responding to customer and market needs. For example, intelligent merchandising software like Best Shelf Action lightens the decision burden for field reps by capturing digital shelf images upon arrival and returning immediate guidance in-store based on real data insights.

Improved shelf execution also means reduced stock-outs and lost sales. AI-powered intelligent merchandising solutions help brands manage shelf conditions in their key retail partners, providing accurate replenishment recommendations based on sales and returns data and inventory level updates.

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