RDC Braille blog Relationship Advice – How to Resolve Conflict and Grow Together

Relationship Advice – How to Resolve Conflict and Grow Together


Relationship advice can be hard to find. If you focus on where you don’t want your relationship to end up, fighting and letting anger build, you will likely wind up there – in an unhappy, unfulfilling and maybe even destructive relationship. Focus instead on resolving conflict and growing together, and you will create the outcomes you do want. Read more :www.groenerekenkamer.com

The key to resolving conflict is communication. Be sure to talk about your feelings in private, in a quiet space away from distractions. Then, listen to your partner and really hear them. Avoid interrupting and trying to plan what you will say next. Try to understand their point of view, and echo back their thoughts and feelings to show that you are listening.

Relationship Resilience: Weathering Challenges and Growing Stronger Together

It is important to remember that any two people coexisting will disagree at some point. That doesn’t mean that you are incompatible or that you don’t love each other. It just means that you have different opinions and preferences. To resolve conflict, make sure to fight fair and avoid criticizing or attacking the person; just focus on the behavior that is bothering you.

Also, be open to change and growth. What you may want from your relationship at the beginning of the relationship might be completely different a few months or years down the road. Lastly, don’t be afraid to seek out help or advice. A counselor or therapist can teach you some excellent communication skills and give you tools for working through conflict.

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