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The Benefits of a Lash Lift

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A lash lift northern beaches for your eyelashes, shaping them into the perfect wide-eyed curl. It’s a low-maintenance option for women who want to skip the mascara or nurse damaged lashes back to health, and it can be paired with a lash tint for truly transformative results. This treatment is fast and painless, taking only 45 minutes.

The lash lift has gained traction in the beauty community thanks to Instagram influencers who have been posting pictures of their own lash transformations. Unlike the more permanent and high-maintenance eyelash extensions, a lash lift is safe for natural lashes and can be maintained with regular conditioning treatments at home.

Northern Beaches Glamour: Unveiling the Top Destination for Lash Services

Those who are interested in a lash lift should book an appointment with a qualified aesthetician. The procedure requires no downtime, but it’s important to avoid getting your lashes wet for 48 hours afterward. This includes not showering, swimming, or spending time in steamy spas or hot tubs.

According to Buhler, a lash lift is ideal for women who are nursing damaged lashes back to health or simply prefer a more natural look. She says that lash curlers and the act of scrubbing off mascara every night are damaging to natural lashes, but a lift will not only keep your lashes in better shape, it’ll also make them appear longer.

Buhler also warns that lash lifts in their early iterations had a bad reputation for damaging lashes and eyes, but if done by a certified aesthetician, the process is gentler and less likely to cause damage. She recommends reading Yelp reviews, studying lash artists’ Instagrams, and avoiding salons that offer deals that seem too good to be true.

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