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Breathwork Training – What You Need to Know

Breathwork is a powerful healing practice that has seen many of its practitioners experience life-changing results. It helps to release trauma and tension, lower stress levels and improve mental health as well as offering an opportunity for individuals to heal, thrive and find radiance. It also improves lung capacity, which is a good indicator of longevity. More info breathmasters.com

If you’re considering pursuing breathwork training, make sure the instructor of your chosen program aligns with your beliefs and values. Generally, you’ll spend the bulk of your time with this person, so it’s important that their views and beliefs are a good fit for your own.

The Role of Breathwork in Reducing Anxiety and Depression

Additionally, breathwork can offer participants valuable personal perspective and insight into toxic patterns and harmful behaviors. It’s not uncommon for individuals to access personal forgiveness, weed out destructive negative core beliefs and gain a fresh perspective on their own life choices during sessions.

Breathwork isn’t recommended for folks with certain medical conditions, such as asthma or hyperventilation issues. It may also not be suitable for people who are experiencing trauma and anxiety. For this reason, it’s essential that you talk to your doctor before beginning this type of therapy.

The Breathwork Teacher Training course from Loka Yoga School is a great choice for anyone interested in learning how to incorporate this practice into their wellness offerings. The online course features a mix of lectures, reading and videos to help you understand the different types of breathing techniques. It’s a flexible program that can be completed at your own pace, but the instructors recommend sticking to a weekly schedule.

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