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How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions Cairns extensions can be a great beauty treatment to get fuller, thicker lashes. They are semi-permanent and attached to the real eyelashes with glue. They can last for a few weeks depending on the quality of glue, how well you take care of them and how quickly your natural lashes grow and shed. To keep them looking nice, you should get regular touch-ups every two to four weeks. The touch-ups will add back any lashes that have fallen off and will also help to keep the look consistent. Getting them regularly can be less expensive than having to buy a new set of lashes.

Transform Your Look: Lash Extensions in Cairns

It is important to follow the aftercare guidelines that your lash technician gives you. Things like being gentle when cleaning them, using products that don’t have oil, and avoiding touching or rubbing your eyes are all good for making them last longer. Other factors that can affect how long your lashes last include lots of humidity and water, and use of oil-based makeup removers or mascaras.

If your lashes start to fall out more than normal, it may be a sign that you have a problem with the glue or how you are taking care of them. If you notice any changes in your lashes, talk to your lash technician right away so they can check and fix it.

With a lash extension and eyebrow tint, you can be ready to go out in no time with minimal makeup. It’s a perfect way to amp up the glam without having to put in a lot of effort. Find a brow and lash studio near you with Fresha’s free mobile app, and book a treatment that fits your schedule.

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